Basic Web Hosting

Want a presence on the internet? Sektor Seven offers basic web hosting for your site.

  • AU$10 per Month
  • Shared IP
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 3 GB Transfer
  • MySQL available on request

Basic Email Hosting

Want some email hosting?

  • AU$5 per Month
  • DSPAM filtering
  • Blocklists
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • 1 GB Storage

Virtual Servers

Want something more powerful? Pick and choose how much CPU, RAM and Disk space you need! Upgradable at any time!

  • AU$10 per month for each 256MB of Ram
  • AU$10 per month for each 20GB of Disk
  • AU$10 per month for each 256Mhz of CPU

CPU is burstable up to 2.66Ghz, 3GB of transfer included. We use VMWare, not XEN so we can provide Windows Server Hosting.

SSL Certificates

We provide several kinds of SSL certificates. All work as proper SSL certificates, but some work in more browsers than others.

Startcom certificates work fine for Mac OS X clients, iPhones and Firefox. They do not work fine under windows for either MSIE or Chrome browsers.

  • Startcom Certs are AU$30 for 1 year (single domain or wildcard)

Gandi Certificates work on most browsers

  • Gandi Single Domain Certs are $100 for 1 year
  • Gandi Wildcard Domain Certs are $600 for 1 year

The above prices are if you wish SektorSeven to handle registration and installation for you. We can also install a certificate that you provide for a small fee

  • Bring your own certificate - AU$10

IP Addresses

If you wish to use a SSL certificate or need an additional IP address for any reason it will cost you AU$2 per month

Disk Space

If you require additional disk space, we can provide that for AU$10 per month per 20GB or part thereof.